Perfect Body Woman

Perfect Body Woman

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Perfect Body Woman

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Corsets and Latex Waist trainers



But Lifting Pantie



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Corrective dress with a special body on the inside. Maximum comfort without restricting freedom of movement.

Perfectly shaped under your favorite dress,

you can wear your own bra under this dress with corrective anchored body for an even better adjustment.



1. This allows you to wear your own bra so that your breasts are not squashed.

2. Provides freedom of movement of the legs, thanks to the very flexible lower part of the skirt

.3. Flattens the abdomen.

4. Accentuates the waist without feeling constricted.

5. The Outlaws 'saddlebag' effect

.6. Reduces fat rolls from the thighs to the rib cage

.7. Gives extra support to the lower back.

8. Lifts the buttocks

9. No visible seams1

10. Remains in place.

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